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Asked: 2010-12-29 by   jbw641
I have been receiving emails from adam mesh for some time now, and I'm wondering if he's legit or not. I've done quite a bit of research on him and it seems like he may be OK. Then the other day I get an e mail from him but it's another guy selling his advice on mesh's site. Idid a google search of this guy and he is a scam. this is the 2nd or 3rd one of these that I have received.Makes me wonder about mesh.anyone who has had any experence with mesh and his products? your comments could be helpful.
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N  10th of Feb, 2011 by   coolcarl
Adam Mesh is the real deal. He's one of the only people that actually uses his own name. Also, fortune magazine documented his trading while standing behind him. 3 of my friends have done well with his service and I plan on it when I can afford it. It is expensive! Any how, if someone advertised with him, I'm sure he wrote what he normally does about not endorsing it and that it's an ad. I would only stick with the mesh guy.
N  2nd of Apr, 2011 by   ElleWillDoIt
Adam Mesh is fairly legit. BUT he has gone from trading to selling all kinds of stuff and his name is allied with many scammers. If u join his system to the tune of a lot of $, u might learn something but it is a very unfair environment. People are not allowed to disagree or express any kind of opinion that does not set well with the powers that be. He will promise you the moon and deliver about 1/3rd. Don't waste your $ here.
N  19th of Apr, 2011 by   Adam Mesh
This is Adam Mesh. I want to respond to the post above. It references our top ranked stock market community. Our community has over 2, 000 active members and in that time, we have had to ban 1. This was done on April 1st, 2011 and they then posted the above on April 2nd. While delivering 1/3 of the moon doesn't sound so bad, this person says "people are not allowed to disagree with or express any opinion that does not sit well with the powers that be." What she means is that 17 people on 27 different occasions took the time in and complain about her. We allowed her to express her opinions until she started expressing hatred for things unrelated to the stock market such as Governor Scott Walker which was the hot topic at that time. We asked kindly that she stick to stocks and try to remain civil but she continued to bash people and had to be removed. Now she has chosen to bad mouth us. Oh well. If that's the 1 person then so be it. We know who it is but I assume this person was emotional when she was banned and we will not publicly disparage her. She clearly wished to remain anonymous because, unlike me, she used a fake name and if you click on it, her hometown of Henry, New Hampshire does not exist! I must say, considering the fact that we have successfully coached thousands of students, the 1 complaint wasn't even that bad!! If you've gotten this far and would like to explore working with us, I trust that your experiences will be like the the thousands who have enjoyed it vs. the 1 who was, unfortunately banned. That's a pretty good risk/reward. Please call me directly if you wish to speak: 212-774-5977 or email me at adam@adammesh.com. Unlike my friend from Henry, all my information is accurate! Kind Regards, Adam Mesh.
N  19th of Apr, 2011 by   Adam Mesh
Here was the final email that forced us to remove "ellewilldoit" aka "Stock101"from our community. If you want confirmation, I know Barbara will be happy to speak with you and validate what I am saying. Email me at adam@adammesh.com. Christian is one of our top coaches and and global moderator for the forum.

Hi, Christian:

I was going to write you a few days ago, but decided just to forget about it and go about business as usual. But after today, it can no longer be ignored.

I understand you are the global moderator for the site. I have been having a real problem with Stock101 for over a month. I don’t know why, but he does not like me for some reason. I was so upset on Monday. For the past month I have noticed that he has been taking jabs at me in all of my posts, on both boards. At first I thought that it is just the way he is, it is nothing personal. He criticizes every thought, opinion, comment, post, that I make. But I began to wonder what was going on, as he began to get more relentless. And I am not the only one who has noticed. I have received PMs from various members asking me what is up with Stock101. Below is an excerpt of a private message I received yesterday from one such member, who I will not name unless he allows me to:

“Hey Barbara,
I hadn't really noticed before, but it does look like that guy is poking and prodding you.”

I know that Stock101 is very knowledgeable as far as trading goes, and at first I appreciated his comments, as I really thought he was trying to lead me the right way. I have always thanked him openly on the forum for his help, and I even sent him a very friendly, sincere personal message thanking him. I went as far as to tell him that I was glad he had a sense of humor after all, because last week he responded to one of my posts by posting “LOL.” You know, in these forums, you assume that every reply or response is made in good faith, with the sole purpose of sharing knowledge and thoughts. But you know what he then did? He sent me a personal message saying that “once again, you have completely misunderstood [my intent]”; that he was not laughing WITH me, he was laughing AT me, and he then proceeded to call me a “fool.” He, in essence, told me that every time I had thanked him for his help, I misunderstood because he was really mocking me, not helping me.

Every time I post, I KNOW I will soon find his comment there, and I do! Almost every time, a negative comment: “You know better than that. We don’t do that. You weren’t taught that.” How does he know what I’ve been taught or what I know? He is very rude and critical. I’ve even seen him cut new members down with his critiques, and one such new member felt the need to follow up by expressing shame for being new and apologizing for not knowing too much. I wish I can remember which thread that was, but I can’t. I am sure it is not Adam’s intention to have new students being made to feel so ashamed because they posted something that was not 100% accurate that they feel the need to apologize for being new! I know I felt so sorry for the new person that I responded myself by telling the new guy not to worry; that we are all learning, and encouraging him to keep posting.

There was a thread created on the Trading Forum called “When to Get Back in After Getting Stopped Out?” The issue of bounce entries arose, and I replied by saying that it’s easier, especially for newer traders, to get in on the breakthrough of the level, rather than on the bounce off support, (per advice of Coach Dan). I made that reply at nearly midnight, and while thinking about the bounce off support, I inadvertently wrote that it was better to get in on a breakthrough of “support, ” instead of writing “level.” Coach Dan came in the next day and corrected me. I acknowledged Dan’s correction and thanked him, stating it was inadvertent on my part, an oversight, and that of course it’s always a breakthrough of a level, and that I hoped I had not misled any of the newer traders. And then here comes Stock101, just basking in the glory of my error, saying, “Thanks Dan.” Now why would an experienced, seemingly more knowledgeable trader post a “thank you” to a coach for correcting another student? How was he “helping” me by doing that? And don’t think Dan didn’t notice it either.

The situation is deteriorating, as you yourself bore witness to today on my very own “Shocked at the Market’s Behavior” thread. This was not an isolated incident. There is nothing that I enjoy more than a good debate, and the opportunity to LEARN. I often encourage people to respond, share their thoughts at what I post. That’s why I’m here. But not the way he is doing it. And, as I said, other people are taking notice and are taking the time to write to me about it. They are encouraging me to keep posting despite what he says, because THEY enjoy my posts. The bottom line is that I am now very uncomfortable on this forum. He is goading me into confrontation. He has written to me and has admitted that he disliked me and that he thought I was a fool. Of course, he wouldn’t say THAT on the board!

I would ask that something be done about this: a reprimand, a warning. I have never, ever, on any other forum, including Investools, witnessed anything like this. I have a right to express my opinions. He didn’t agree with what I said; that’s his right! He can state his opinion as well. But if you look closely at what he writes, he’s not stating an opinion. He’s not contributing in any way to my posts. He’s just criticizing and mincing my words. I will not participate in this any longer. If something is not done, I will complain to Adam and tell him that I can no longer participate in his forums if I continue to be stalked and harassed by this predator. What happened today on your 5 Star Forum was ridiculous and shameful and I expect it to never happen again.

Thank you for taking time to read this and hopefully taking action. I hope to hear from you soon.

N  12th of Jun, 2013 by   Becky20
This looks like an old board, but I have to share. I subscribe to many services and newletters. I have never had such frustration as I
have had with Adam Mesh's group. They make promises they do not keep.
N  25th of Nov, 2014 by   Desert Eagle
I realize this is an older post but I hope it helps anyone checking this out. Adam Mesh does not deliver. As for the training he gives the book stock market for dummies has more information. The information is old. He does follow some basic rules which you can make some money, however if you follow him you have to play every stock recommended. I too did find his services to be frustrating. Not worth it. There is better services and trainers available. If your just starting look into Steve Nison candle stick training. Had I started there I would be about 20k better today.
N  2nd of Nov, 2015 by   Wanda Hutchinson
IMO, Mesh is a disorganized, third-rate presenter (heavy New York accent, speaks fast, indistinctive incomplete, wandering out-loud thinking, therefore senseless gibberish) and has a side kick with some kind of speech defect involving a repetitive, loud, lip-smacking sound that quickly becomes intolerable). When I signed up for his service I never imagined I would encounter such an obstacle, but I finally asked for a refund (within 30 days) when I simply could no longer endure the tedious task of trying to listen to either of them try to make sense out of spread trades. My request was denied (ostensibly, because I had only signed up for 3 months ($297) of a 6-month service. I guess Mesh had bills to pay with income from my money right way -hey maybe Mesh used it on a down payment or a yacht!) Whatever the real reason, Mesh offered me all kinds of "replacement" products of his, all of which I refused (kind of itching to say exactly why I never wanted to hear the sound of his voice again). But, in the end, I was just too nice...lol. So, the motto of my story is - unless your tolerance for accented gibberish and lip-smacking is high, and you really don't care if you get nothing for your money but still never see it again, I'd skip Mesh. There are other, more pleasant, value guaranteed ways. I'm may be $250 poorer, but I am now a seasoned options spread trader...and very un-irritated!

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