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Questions › Mega-Nutrition Organic Superfood

Mega-Nutrition Organic Superfood

Asked: 2013-06-08 by   pogoisus
Does anyone know if their product is certified organic as marketed, and if it's safe to try their 90 day guarantee on purchasing their Mega-Nutrition Organic Superfood? thanks
Answers Health & Beauty
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 4th of Sep, 2013 by   Marilyn J. King
Am taking meganutritionorganicsuperfood. Within an hour i had jet - propelled diarrhea. What's up? Is this typical? Could i possibly have retained any of the nutrients in the short period it was in my body? Please answer.
 6th of Oct, 2013 by   GJTbone
I have not had any sort of diarrhea using this product. It may very well be an allergic reaction of some sort. However, people seem to blame good foods for weird bowel movements way too often. It's like saying that cleaning out your refrigerator gave you spoiled food. I would suggest Marilyn try again.
 6th of Feb, 2014 by   Suavy
I have been taking the megaNutritionSuperfood for 4 months now I had the similure thing happen. However, I had blood work done about a month before I started taking it and 2 months after and my levels were all back to normal.
Great product I recomend it.
God Bless,

 4th of Mar, 2014 by   georgeELm
if it kills microbes and you have many, start at less and build up.this reaction is typical in a cleanse of microbes purging action . DOES any one have their phone # the one I wrote down is incorrect - disconected
 11th of Dec, 2014 by   Mominwa10
Safe yes, as I did it with no problem. The problem is the pocket book and the next order. My second order was bitter and nearly impossible to get down. I called the company and got a young man who said something about 2 different suppliers. I sent mine back and got 3 new jars (8 oz) for 179.00. They were the same bitter contents and the powdery texture of the first 3 jars now resembled in part, freeze dried coffee. I forced myself through 1/2 a jar with nothing covering up the taste and have left the other 2 jars unopened.
They make wild claims and if you happen to get a mild sweet smelling a tasting batch, you will enjoy it. After that, watch out!
 31st of Dec, 2014 by   JanRM
Had the same reaction as Marilyn - I cut back on the amount used. Was curious how my blood tests would turn out 1 ½ weeks after using it... as my liver functions were elevated and cholesterol was up a bit 4 months ago. So, I just got results and cholesterol was down and liver functions were normal. I haven't noticed more energy or any miracles yet, lol. Will keep using it tho. (it does make me go to the bathroom more often also) and not sure who my husband orders it from - hoping its legit...will certainly let you all know if it isn't...
 13th of Feb, 2015 by   YPC
Me and my wife have been taking Superfoods since Dec 2014. (14 months now) It worked more effectively on my wife for the first few months, she felt obviously more energized during the day. My mother-in-law tried, worked quite well in the beginning, also felt energized in the daytime. However, since around last summer, we felt the taste of the product changed, not as strong a 'grassy taste' like before. We kept ordering (thinking maybe the plants just came across different weather condition for that batch). We received another 8 cans last week, the powder tasted totally different from what we've first tried. Every batch since last Jun has been getting weaker and weaker in its taste, and not to mention the effect has basically died down.
Quite disappointing. I think the Company should review the product if there are other people having the same experience.
Please post your feedback if you have similar experience, so that we know it's not the problem with our taste buds! Thank you.
 5th of Mar, 2015 by   ElleMental
It is March 6 2015, I have just ordered a trial i month supply of Mega Nutrition Organic Superfood. I am a healthy 64 year-old female, never been hospitalised and on no medications whatsoever however, I have recently started developing osteoarthritis in my hip and knee.
I want to maintain a vital, healthy, vigorous life, full of energy now and into my later years so taking preventative action now is key, consequently this product ticked my boxes; I will report how it performs here.

Thanks for the above comments.

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