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Dstv compact

Asked: Mar 26, 2017 by   
Why dstv likes adding the channels & takes them out again? but when they add monthly payment, they can't reduce it again. Around December channel 109 was added & taken out after sometime, yesterday 2017-03-26 mnet channel was added, I was watching miss south Africa concert, but...
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Rotten eggs

Asked: Mar 26, 2017 by   
I won't recommend Pick pay Maponya after I bought eggs and they were rotten, because i didn't keep the sleep the refuse to give me another eggs......
Read Answers Food

email verification

Asked: Mar 17, 2017 by   
How do i get to or what page do i go to verify my email with verification code? ?...
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Asked: Mar 16, 2017 by   
I have an account with Letgo, but do not have a smart phone or such...I have a home phone, and a PC how can I sell an item, and chat, or even set up selling and buying without the download that does not seem to work on my home computer? My phone number is 863-6937-7650 if someone can call...
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check cashed in my name

Asked: Mar 15, 2017 by   
Well I tried to open a account and found out it was a check written for a thousand dollars in my name by who I don't know but I would like to know what I can do about this...
Read Answers Unauthorized Charges


Asked: Mar 15, 2017 by   
How do I edit a posted comment? I left my name and address on my post...
Read Answers Unauthorized Charges

Maple Nut Goodies

Asked: Mar 14, 2017 by   
I buy 2 and 3 bags of these a week last weekend I bought my usual 3 bags from Walmart. And all three bags where hard as a rock and didn't taste right how do I get a refund on theses the bags was the 7 oz bags...it's kinda made me Leary about purchasing thus again but I love these...
Read Answers Retail Stores

study material

Asked: Mar 9, 2017 by   
I received a wrong study material for library science. Wile I was expecting social work study material. Were my i complein .because when i send email no one respond please help me get the correct material...
Read Answers Books

I want to know if this two phycics is scammers

Asked: Mar 7, 2017 by   
Please i need to know of this two woman Tara medium and Alisha medium i have been dealing with them but i picked up on a few things even requested my money back and got no respond yet besides another product i must buy and the one has blocked me from her mail box after i told her she is preying...
Read Answers Psychics & Mediums

TestoUltra order from biotrim labs.

Asked: Mar 3, 2017 by   
Yesterday I saw an advert on my cell about your product and ordered not knowing it was that expensive, and now my concern is whether I will ever get the product or whether to cancel the order as you already have billed me R2035.50 on my account....
Read Answers Scam & Fake Checks


Asked: Mar 2, 2017 by   
Wanda 1 review Published Sunday, November 6, 2016 DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! The order took four weeks to arrive. I spent $45.00 returning the product back to China, and the company never credited me back the return. The company's customer service is not responding to my...
Read Answers Clothing, Shoes & Acc

Money from my Uncle suddenly die

Asked: Mar 1, 2017 by   
Hello. I have got much money from my Uncle sinse i was the next of kind and the bank in London told me I needed to get this Clean Bill on Rekord clearance certificate before the bank can transfer the money to my acount in Norway. Where can i get this Certificate?...
Read Answers Banks

Complaints about Linkedin services are sent to them?

Asked: Feb 28, 2017 by   
Have posted 2 complaints cases from Linkedin into the Linkedin section here. Are these complaints sent to Linkedin company to resolve them or just are here for others to watch them? The Complaint section at Linkedin site is useless and worthless. Would like to know where else to place a complaint...
Read Answers Employment, Staffing, Recruiting Agencies

a stolen black Micheal Kors womans large Ariana nylon tote or sholderbag

Asked: Feb 28, 2017 by   
I have made out a police report about a black Micheal Kors Tote that went missing from my house. thats a 92240 zip code . I suspect it may have been sold around the 16 or 17 of Feb or at least thats when it would have been posted from those dates on up. If you could please help me . i am heart...
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jammermobile. com

Asked: Feb 27, 2017 by   
Indonesia has remained one of the most promising markets for electronic security systems in Southeast Asian region. In overall Indonesian electronic security market, video surveillance systems have captured key share of the market pie. Mobile phone signal jammer device also has a certain market.Rising...
Read Answers Arts & Humanities

Honeywell announced 2016 earnings Security field sales decline

Asked: Feb 27, 2017 by   
February 6, 2017, the US industrial giant Honeywell announced 2016 earnings, thanks to acquisitions, annual sales of 39.3 billion US dollars, an increase of 2%. Honeywell in recent years, the strength of the smart building and home market, in the fourth quarter of core sales of endogenous growth...
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Changing a comment

Asked: Feb 26, 2017 by   
How do I edit a comment I have posted?...
Read Answers Dog Breeders

Christi Williams

Asked: Feb 24, 2017 by   
OK when will I get my taxes if it was rejected from bank how long before I get in mail...
Read Answers Tax Services

is this real

Asked: Feb 20, 2017 by   
is there a director of foreign accounts named Peter roland?...
Read Answers Online Scams

Respond to questions

Asked: Feb 20, 2017 by   
I received a questin if the item I am selling is still available. I do not know how to respond. The screen provides me with a link but it drops me into a chat window. What? Am I to wait around until they are available to chat? I can't respond to their question??? Help.......
Read Answers Appliances

Log a complain about someone

Asked: Feb 18, 2017 by   
A person with the mobille number 0727494821 Is a dissturbance to my family .He/she send messages to my famile aswell as porn video clips if i tri to get hold of the person phone is off. There is no facebook account of that person .its not beautifull pucs or videos of a young woman in our area..must...
Read Answers Sexual Abuse

Tophatter -Legal action

Asked: Feb 17, 2017 by   
I purchased a curling iron and have not received it. I have contacted them too many times to count, and they keep telling me different things, It has been 60 days now and nothing. Has anyone took legal action against them ? My item might have only been 14.00 but I paid and did not receive....
Read Answers E-Shopping

Lulugal order

Asked: Feb 16, 2017 by   
Payment was made, never received order...
Read Answers Clothing, Shoes & Acc

My free bag.

Asked: Feb 14, 2017 by   
I joined aarp last month me and my husband just got our cards. I am still waiting for the bag. Please let me know where it is. This is the 2nd time I have inquired about the FREE BAG....
Read Answers Arts & Humanities


Asked: Feb 11, 2017 by   
Which is the best consultancy provides jobs in BPO industry in chennai, please let me know...
Read Answers Employment, Staffing, Recruiting Agencies

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