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Cancellling a post/membership

Hi, I´ve posted a complaint, but get no answers, to thinking it´s not so useful to be a member here. But I don´t see any way of 1) Deleting a post, or 2) how to delete account. Doen anyone know? Grateful for any help! Thanks.
Wenche Hoel 15th of May, 2017


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    westworld 16th of May, 2017

    You posted your complaint on May 12th and already on the 15th are complaining you haven't gotten a response??? If the company actually does monitors this site, you have not reasonably allowed enough time to pass in order for them to respond! Why not just contact them directly?

    Regarding removing complaining and deleting account, go the very bottom on the homepage and click on FAQ. Next, scroll down a couple questions and click on CONTACT SUPPORT. Click on that and then you can made your requests to the site's admins.

    P.S. If you do contact the company directly, allow for at least 5 business days (Monday thru Friday) for a response. Don't do like you did here and submit a complaint on a Friday and then be complaining by Monday no one answered you!

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