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how to file a complaint against Moose Club Employee

I was mistreat by a employee at Pompano Beach, Fl. Moose Club, which used a "F" word on me with no reason. I request the bartender Jimmy to charge me on my account. I handle the cash to pay for it, he asked me to wait while he was taking someone else picture. I found it out the people he was taking pictures, it wasn't even a member on the Moose Club. He waked around showing the couple the whole promises. The bar was empty for about 10 minutes. The couple returned and from nowhere start to questioning me about my background. They want to know where I was born. What party of the town an they were saying the bartender Jimmy told them I was born on Bronx, New York. I was not comfortable by having strangers questioning me at Moose Club. I asked them to leave me alone, since I was born in New York and moved to Sommerville, MA. when I was not even 3 years old. I asked Jimmy to provide a drink for a friend which he did it 5 minutes after. When I request to pay for my bill, he asked to wait. I did wait. Back 2 minutes after I requested to pay for my bill and Jimmy yelled at me using a "F" word, witch I do not really appreciate and never used. I was shocked and very disappointed. I asked my friend if she heard what he said to me, she confirmed yes I did and he should never used this kind of language with you. The people he was taking pictures started to called me b###h for no reason. I confront Jimmy demanding a apology from him, but he deny and said to me, he asked me to wait and I should wait until he came back to me. I was very disappointed, I always knew business comes first. He choose to take somebody else picture besides to charge my bill. I gave him cash and a good tip. I heard Jimmy talking with someone else and making fun of me, because of that I decide to record what happening at the lodge. He finally decide to push me out of the promises, it was very disrespectful and disgusting. I used to go there for fun, I love to dance, drink and make friends, but this employee was very abusive and aggressive. I only know his first name Jimmy, the others bartenders are female. Please look forward to investigate what happen, just for the record I'm filing a police report against your employee. Thank you so very much. You can reach at 954 605-5236 Maria Silva
Maria S Silva 7th of Jan, 2017


Wine Is Good 10th of Jan, 2017

And? What do you think the police will do? If you are mot ot old enough to go to bars then stay home.

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