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Is this scam to...? http://paytoday.online/account.php

Asked: Jan 6, 2017 by   dimyati
How about this "http://paytoday.online/account.php " if this is also a scam, how to move ditemput google, this company should immediately stop the scam that is very detrimental lovers google. thank you Dhamzah...
Read Answers Scam & Fake Checks


Asked: Dec 31, 2016 by   Momin Saquib Kalim Ahmed
Read Answers Motorcycles & Scooters

Rude seller

Asked: Dec 31, 2016 by   Fatima
I have orders a sweater for 2 months ago don't receive yet open dispute 3 time but seller refuse my request.then I clicking 2nd purposel. By mistakenly I clicked return option n sent..thy said retun item within 12 days but i still not recive my order..now dispute is not close n seller is...
Read Answers Clothing, Shoes & Acc

I didn't receive my recite!!!!

Asked: Dec 28, 2016 by   andron
hi,i bring my car to the garage for fix alternator!!!!!! I leave my car for all day and when i come to take it back my car,i ask for recite,i think that's normal (if you pay money you to get recite and that it will be my warranty,they don't want to give it to me!!!!!...
Read Answers Cars, Parts & Vehicles

consultation and payments

Asked: Dec 28, 2016 by   lazarus hlomeli
hello i consulted one doctor and he gave me some medication and prescribed other for me to buy some where because he did not have so i would like to know whether my medical aid is made aware of such cases so not to pay for service that have not been offered...
Read Answers Doctors

Not payment of credit card bill

Asked: Dec 28, 2016 by   Manjit158
I could not make a payment of my credit card bill on time because I was out station Can you contact me...
Read Answers Banks

sir /madam

Asked: Dec 27, 2016 by   Catherine mokoena
If I knw in that maybe in the next month I would not pay my account due to not having money in that month .wht should I do?...
Read Answers Books


Asked: Dec 23, 2016 by   gilbert890
I had a email form Global internet network And said I had won a prize this tipe of even true and is this the right place to comtact can you please let me know how or where to go form here thank you Gilbert...
Read Answers Internet Services

gambler complaint

Asked: Dec 22, 2016 by   theresa crawford
I sent in empty bags of dry,crumbling tobacco and was told they would be replaced!!! After reading what these other people are saying you people should get on your toes and get on top of your complaints and your orders that people place with this company!!!...
Read Answers Other

Luvclo Shandhai

Asked: Dec 22, 2016 by   frehiwot
I ordered a Pandora Jewelry 20 days ago and have not received them How can I contact with the seller or company?...
Read Answers Jewelry & Watches


Asked: Dec 22, 2016 by   Monica Daniels
I ordered a shirt on December 1, 2016 and have not received my order yet. I was hoping to have this order before Christmas. I cannot get in touch with customer service over the phone or online. I would like to hear something in reference to this order...
Read Answers Clothing, Shoes & Acc

is this true?

Asked: Dec 20, 2016 by   Amlaml navarro
There is a guy who send me a parcel from London, under the company name of International link corner, address: 2nd floor 145-157 st. John street. Name of sender: Leo Markus Address: 11 hill stress westminster. Parcel # KTh54886 Contact # of the company: 0044-7031828869. I just want to ask...
Read Answers Unauthorized Charges

Order# 305490

Asked: Dec 19, 2016 by   Stup
I have not received my order nor am I able to track it....
Read Answers Jewelry & Watches

My order

Asked: Dec 19, 2016 by   Kevcel
Good afternoon, i have an order and i don't know how to do to follow it. Could you tell me where it is and when it will arrive in my home. Thanks...
Read Answers E-Shopping

Samsung Oder not yet recieved

Asked: Dec 17, 2016 by   AnwarShaikh
Samsung Order # 11115129271 I placed this order a TV for Thanksgiving on 25th of Nov 2016 and with normal delivery but till date i haven't got it delivered. Samsung has no clue on where the TV is, they think it has been shipped out via AGS shipping agency and always wants me to call AGS....
Read Answers E-Shopping


Asked: Dec 17, 2016 by   saman999
is facetook have a complaints till now?...
Read Answers Business & Finances


Asked: Dec 16, 2016 by   Savanna Sullivan
How do I get a refund if I have not received the item yet?...
Read Answers Online Scams

overcharge Paul And Jeff Johnson

Asked: Dec 14, 2016 by   Paul and Jeff Johnson Inc
I have been using iTunes for a while and have never had a problem with overcharges.My granddaughters worked on trying to get my on my phone, a type of land /glide map. The price being 9.95 or so. This time the charges have been 42.76.Please give us credit on our account. 2 land glide maps for...
Read Answers Credit Cards


Asked: Dec 14, 2016 by   Emidsoof
Hello. I have a question Please tell me, which companies don't have any complaints from people and user's? The companies like the VodaNet British Ltd don't have any complaint. Thank you...
Read Answers Business & Finances

business on line banking

Asked: Dec 14, 2016 by   Wynstar Electronincs CC
Why does it take years for FNB NOT to be able to give me access to my own banking profile and account? Why without notification does it change the login details of the only person that can access the account without notifying that person. Is this a subtle hint for the account to be taken...
Read Answers Banks

What's the problem

Asked: Dec 13, 2016 by   Thomas's hole
Why isn't your EBT machine working I had to spend money out of my pocket that I should not have on there isn't no way I can get a refund for it right...
Read Answers Food

How can I recover my activation code?

Asked: Dec 6, 2016 by   Annai Studio
My activation code damaged while scratching the number....
Read Answers Business & Finances

Whirlpool refrig water filters

Asked: Dec 5, 2016 by   Susan Landers
I ordered a water filter to arrive by mail every 6 months. Instead, I have been sent two water filters every 6 months. So now I am ahead by four water filters. How do I turn off this order for the next year?...
Read Answers Appliances

Photo removal from complaint

Asked: Dec 4, 2016 by   Cheri S
Photo removal from my complaint - how do I do that?...
Read Answers Cars, Parts & Vehicles

Abbuchung von 35,95 € von meinem VISA-Konto aam 14.10.2016

Asked: Dec 4, 2016 by   Heinz Franke
Am 14.10.2016 wurde von meinem VISA-Konto 35,95 € abgebucht. Ich weiß nicht wofür! Nach Rücksprache mit meinem Anwalt werden wir ihn einschalten, wenn der Betrag von 35,95 € nicht zurückerstattet wird. Er wird nachhaltig meine Interessen vertreten und ist Spezialist auf Internet Gesetzgebung....
Read Answers Credit Cards

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