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Please, I want to know more explanation about this email content from TOGO?!

Asked: May 4, 2017 by   Motachek
Read Answers Banks

Proscan 46" Wide Screen Digital LED TV

Asked: May 3, 2017 by   J Dunn
The tv has no picture. The sound is fine. This just started this week where it would be on then screen went black. Turned TV on and of, at first picture would come back on. Now NO picture at all. What could be wrong?? This TV was purchased on 12/12/14....
Read Answers Repair Services

Possible unauthorized purchase

Asked: Apr 25, 2017 by   George Mina
On 03/06/2017 Costco store #0674 in Glendale, AZ indicate we made a purchase for $1,289.97. Can you please let us know what was purchased so we can determine if it is legitimate? Thank you...
Read Answers Credit Cards

Dstv compact

Asked: Mar 26, 2017 by   Radebe
Why dstv likes adding the channels & takes them out again? but when they add monthly payment, they can't reduce it again. Around December channel 109 was added & taken out after sometime, yesterday 2017-03-26 mnet channel was added, I was watching miss south Africa concert, but...
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TestoUltra order from biotrim labs.

Asked: Mar 3, 2017 by   Eric Francis
Yesterday I saw an advert on my cell about your product and ordered not knowing it was that expensive, and now my concern is whether I will ever get the product or whether to cancel the order as you already have billed me R2035.50 on my account....
Read Answers Scam & Fake Checks

Money from my Uncle suddenly die

Asked: Mar 1, 2017 by   Reneejacobsen60@gmail.com
Hello. I have got much money from my Uncle sinse i was the next of kind and the bank in London told me I needed to get this Clean Bill on Rekord clearance certificate before the bank can transfer the money to my acount in Norway. Where can i get this Certificate?...
Read Answers Banks

Complaints about Linkedin services are sent to them?

Asked: Feb 28, 2017 by   LuisAmpuero
Have posted 2 complaints cases from Linkedin into the Linkedin section here. Are these complaints sent to Linkedin company to resolve them or just are here for others to watch them? The Complaint section at Linkedin site is useless and worthless. Would like to know where else to place a complaint...
Read Answers Employment, Staffing, Recruiting Agencies

Honeywell announced 2016 earnings Security field sales decline

Asked: Feb 27, 2017 by   
February 6, 2017, the US industrial giant Honeywell announced 2016 earnings, thanks to acquisitions, annual sales of 39.3 billion US dollars, an increase of 2%. Honeywell in recent years, the strength of the smart building and home market, in the fourth quarter of core sales of endogenous growth...
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Respond to questions

Asked: Feb 20, 2017 by   Roy Butler
I received a questin if the item I am selling is still available. I do not know how to respond. The screen provides me with a link but it drops me into a chat window. What? Am I to wait around until they are available to chat? I can't respond to their question??? Help.......
Read Answers Appliances

Tophatter -Legal action

Asked: Feb 17, 2017 by   Tammyky
I purchased a curling iron and have not received it. I have contacted them too many times to count, and they keep telling me different things, It has been 60 days now and nothing. Has anyone took legal action against them ? My item might have only been 14.00 but I paid and did not receive....
Read Answers E-Shopping


Asked: Feb 11, 2017 by   Subodha Akarshi
One guy from face book he started to chat with me and after few days he told me that he went shopping and he got some stuff for me and my son and he is sending currier to my name for fairways currier in Abu Dhabi and he ask me to pay 1590 before do clearance and my question is should I pay for...
Read Answers Scam & Fake Checks

asked for this letter

Asked: Feb 1, 2017 by   Hany Ibrahim
ECOBANK AFRICA <ecobank.w.africa@gmail.com> To hany_zahabia@yahoo.com Jan 31 at 10:19 PM Ecobank Benin, W. Africa ( International Payment Center ) Benin Republic. Attention:Sir Hany Wakel, Sequel to the directives received from (United Nation Head Office )to transfer the sum...
Read Answers Contractors

Parcel delivery

Asked: Jan 29, 2017 by   ANGUANI Patrick
Other details I got on the parcel are; senders phone number +447031847675, +15013807297 shipment I'd TR 858475646465993. Sender's other details Connie Wong 11 Gloucester road CRO 2 DA CROYDON LONDON UK...
Read Answers Collections Agencies

Parcel delivery

Asked: Jan 29, 2017 by   ANGUANI Patrick
My name is ANGUANI Patrick from Uganda, I received a message from Nairobi air port about a parcel sent by Connie Wong on ,3 January 2017, that was received on 5 January 2017 and it was put on hold pending clearances of duty handling, declaration of Money put in the parcel , transport for the...
Read Answers Collections Agencies

winning prize

Asked: Jan 29, 2017 by   debdas halder
I am Debdas halder. my phone no.8972381514 I really win 3600000 rupees? please send answer my number or Gmail ID:debdas743609.dh@gmail.com...
Read Answers Mobile & Cell Phones


Asked: Jan 28, 2017 by   Francis Helen Tibble
Grand prize for pending release Hi could you explain about a letter i received from united benefits. my name is Francis Tibble address 10 Lyell Road phone number 0220329502...
Read Answers Business & Finances

Changing location of my item(s)

Asked: Jan 25, 2017 by   Chad Lutheran
How do I change the location of the item I am selling?...
Read Answers Cars, Parts & Vehicles

can I add information from my old account to my new account?

Asked: Jan 19, 2017 by   Susan Brewster
can I add information from my old account to my new account? Like date I began etc....
Read Answers Credit Cards

canceled account

Asked: Jan 19, 2017 by   Susan Brewster
I recently canceled my account and now I changed my mind and want to sign back in. I keep trying but it says to contact Tophatter when I try it says sign in first. It just keeps going back and forth like that. How can I sign up again?...
Read Answers Desktop Computers

Problem with Ford Kuga 1.6

Asked: Jan 19, 2017 by   Sloshing Mariah
Our car is one with the cooling system problem. 3 weeks and no answer when we getting the car back from cape town, where to left in December while on holiday. Ford customer care, it the most aweful people to deal with, they never they phone's. Have a courtesy car which I must return on...
Read Answers Car Dealers

order # AN16L22S5303-4SHJTQ ON 12-22-2016 FOR $25.37

Asked: Jan 19, 2017 by   larry Salsman
I placed an order # AN16L22S5303-4SHJTQ ON 12-22-2016 FOR $25.37. I have received the camera but I am having trouble getting the battery to charge. It will not fully charge. I have tried several times to see if it would compete a charge, but it will not. Will you send me another one or refund...
Read Answers Digital Cameras

Novelty ID

Asked: Jan 17, 2017 by   
Please remove my critic of...
Read Answers Fake & Novelty ID

Returning the item

Asked: Jan 17, 2017 by   Panteha dadollahi
How can i return the dress u have sent me.there is no return pack or adress or anything.kindly guide me how i can do it.coz the dress is not my size and i wana return it...
Read Answers Other

Unotherized credit card rapid fulfillment inc need phone # and rma #

Asked: Jan 11, 2017 by   Cristal Pineda
I need phone number for rapid fulfilment inc i called 18002735038 and no answer left many messages and no call back i need rma # to send product back i need a number where they are going to answer. This is the fulfillment in pacoina, ca....
Read Answers Credit Cards

Net Work coverage

Asked: Jan 11, 2017 by   NHijaz
gentleman, we are around 9000 employees working in HADCO all of having SCT 4G net packages, but we don't have Net Work coverage,...
Read Answers Utility Services

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