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Deposits box

Tom steve Oct 20, 2017
I am loralen conner my fiance tom Steve deposited a treasure box in your security Ware house what will I do to get the box I await your prompt response...


Dee Dee Parker Oct 19, 2017
Ok I finished everything in my case plan even took extra classes never missed a single visit not even a dirty drug test an because my worker is behind in his work an never made it out to look at my home for me to get 24 hour visits my kids an I are forced to suffer longer I was told until he...

Accidental death account

Kristine Benson Oct 14, 2017
I have been billed for a death policy from you automatically from my checking account and would like to find out more about the policy. I have called to request policy information be sent to my home, but it has not been received yet over 2 weeks. I would like information on this account please. Thank...


tamatie Oct 13, 2017
Where do I find the requested reports?...

diplomatic deliivery

I met a friend online.and now he is my fiancee we will going to get married when he come in the philippines just want to ask he said he send me a package box using this cargo it's arrrive yesterday .somebody call me he said he is a custom officer and they want me to pay for 500$ before...

Stress Due to Betrayal?

Kristi Bates Oct 10, 2017
My friend is betrayed from his relationship of 4 years. He is not able to come out of the stress due to this. He is not talking to anyone. Suggest something thta can make him the way he use to be before. Someone has told him to consult [Martine Voyance](

Original products

Kalpnahguyguhbuhb Oct 7, 2017
Is nykaa salling original Lakmé products...

Online product

Kalpnahguyguhbuhb Oct 7, 2017
Is Nykaa sale prignal Lakmé product ?...


Steven Bahr Oct 7, 2017
For a period of a couple months I have been harassed repeatedly by people that I feel are fake let go customers in order to mark by flagging my content as inappropriate and or writing bad reviews about me. as well I feel it is one or two people making fraudulent accounts in order to manipulate...

Order not received

Collin Sinaiti Oct 5, 2017
I ordered a car key fob on the 20th August 2017 and I haven't received my product.......

Order not received

Collin Sinaiti Oct 5, 2017
I ordered a car key fob on the 20th September 2017 and I haven't received my product....

My order

D marchman Oct 4, 2017
How fo I check the status of an order...

What are the advantages of joining a non profit organization?

JamesBoyer Oct 2, 2017
Recently, I met one of my friends, he told me about this ( non profit organization and suggested me to join as a volunteer. Before joining, I want to know, what are the advantages of joining such organization....


Shiro yamadera Oct 1, 2017
Dear Sirs, Today " October 1st, 2017" my flight delayed almost 4 hours, (LAMA1450, LIMA to QUITO). My destination is Galapagos Islands,but I could not go there becauseo of delay. I had to cancelle my hotel at Puerto Ayora in Santa Curz. It costs was US$ 135,but it's no...

Nrb 41426

Phiwile mpontshane Oct 1, 2017
I want to cansell my contract with altec nestar what can I do...

Don't trust on AWOK.COM, They honestly cheating with customers

Ismail sab Sep 30, 2017
Unacceptable service THe service from this company is always pathetic. Whether it is faulty products or delivery....the way it is handled is always unprofessional. The delivery guys are rude and shout in the offices and this is totally unacceptable. When the products are faulty they gave...

Wrinkle product

Catherine79 Sep 29, 2017
It was a sample!!! I did not agree to receiving this product monthly and now I am being charged over $125. monthly for this product. I DON'T WANT IT!!! HOW DO I PUT AN END TO THIS MADNESS???...

request for a soft copy of invoice

balabhaskar Sep 29, 2017
i purchased an iphone7 jet black 128 gb from lulu hypermarket on 26th of september. i lost the invoice for the warrenty. can somebody help me to get another invoice. please. i will provide thephone details and adress of the lulu hypermarket that i bought the iphone from. thank you...

Poor Quality of Polo T Shirt

Pravin Bhasin Sep 29, 2017
While visiting US as tourist recently, our hostess took us to Nordstrom rack outlet in Fairlakes Promenade, Fairfax Virginia on 9th September 2017. We bought a few items including 2 Basic Polo Tshirts. Item codes 740670151861 & 740670151793. On return to India after washing we found the...

Bad review

Kyledo Sep 27, 2017
I purchased a ps3 controller it looked brand new when i got it home some buttons didnt work..i gave seller a bad review for selling broken items...he then gave me a bad review for no reason i paid and traveled 25mins to get the do i remove his bad review...


aizah Sep 26, 2017
I don't understand why badoo blocked me. They said I was using a fake account which is FALSE ACCUSATIONS. I am against people who uses fake accounts, and I follow the rules of badoo and abide by its regulations. I am very disappointed because I've been using badoo for months now and...

Delay in baggage

mukhtar ali Sep 26, 2017
I traveled via Omanair on 01 Sep 2017 from Muscat to Islamabad via flights WY0345 . However, when I reached Islamabad, I did not get my bag. I have filed PIR report with your Baggage Services Agents at Islamabad Airport. I have collected baggage on 6th Sep 2017. How much i deserve compensation...

Ju Sep 24, 2017
My name is Abdikadir Ahmed I'm young man African-American support his kids 4 Single father who work hard i'm trying to make a living my kids I order a merchandise and wish i almost SP 250 i receive i'll receive T-shirt sizes M and my sizes 2xl you don't have any evidence...

Active +

M F Doull Sep 23, 2017
I have recently received a bottle of active serum and the next day the moisturizer which i did not order but have been charged two amounts of $ 5.65 NZ. on my bank account i was paying for free trail pay postage only yesterday i had $146.87. removed from my account. I have no idea why this has...


Shafiq Anjum Sep 19, 2017
Dear Sir I want to purchase a refurnished vehicle 660 cc direct from your company model 2015. Kindly provide me list of vehicles available for sale and their procedure and payment method. Thanks Shafiq Anjum Cell No. 0092-300-4519261 Email:

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