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Santander Consumer

Asked: Aug 26, 2015 by   Mark Hollie
Has anyone found a firm or attorney willing to take on Santander Consumer??...
Read Answers Auto Insurance & Loan

RV fridge cooling unit

Asked: Aug 25, 2015 by   Myra Vernon
Does anyone know about, RV Fridge House in Plumerville, Ar.? Owner is Jerry Collins. I want to order but I am skeptle . Help me find out if this co. is leget....
Read Answers Appliances

paul birdsall and my flex job

Asked: Aug 25, 2015 by   Philip J. Bell
how do i get contact information for paul birdsall so i can file a civil suit against him?...
Read Answers Scam & Fake Checks

Auckland Lawyer's name

Asked: Aug 24, 2015 by   ribbish
About 2 days ago an Auckland lawyers name and address who sued the Commissioner of Police was above Sharvin Lodge complaint. Can you supply please? yours faithfully, Terence Crisp....
Read Answers Lawyers and Attorneys

Emergency Room Visit on July 26,2015

Asked: Aug 21, 2015 by   Melissa Woodrich
my name is Melissa Woodrich I was at Florida hospital in Ormond Beach fl on July 26,2015 I sprained my ankle back in March of 2015 it was still bothering me wanted to have it checked out also was having issues with my left knee was gonna have it looked at as well My question is why did I get...
Read Answers Unauthorized Charges

Official notification

Asked: Aug 17, 2015 by   Laura123456789
Please advise I received an official notification I won 2 rings and a Walmart gift card total value $125. I'm disabled would like to b true I get a visa $25 gift card they want $3.99 each item shipped I called the 18006303839 they answered asked my ring size claim number 01730183 should...
Read Answers Scam Contests

how can edit my complaint?

Asked: Aug 12, 2015 by   dtarolla
I messed up on some of the details on my complaint. How can i fix it?...
Read Answers Building, Construction

complaint regarding the message failure

Asked: Aug 8, 2015 by   divya_srivastava
sir , since few months i am not receiving any messages on this number(9950157556).it is creating a havoc.there is no network problem. please fix this problem within two days....
Read Answers Mobile/Cellular Service Providers

Edit a post

Asked: Aug 5, 2015 by   Carol Nadolny
I want to edit a post. My complaint is against Dr. Robert Guida. I was spell checked....
Read Answers Plastic Surgery

Child support conflict

Asked: Aug 4, 2015 by   photoman2
This person divorce her husband , now he is dating a person that work for the child support office in Florida , so she claim child support the detail of the case got to her ex before the office send him a letter. She got into the system and she moving everything in favor of his new boyfriend...
Read Answers Family & Relationships

Proof of Purchase Enq

Asked: Aug 4, 2015 by   Lalucy
Morning, I have a pending claim that includes a radio as they broke into my car, I got the radio in 2013 and the insurance or the person I spoke with is insisting on a proof of purchase. I have submitted the quotation but its not being considered because they are seeking proof pf purchase. How...
Read Answers Auto Insurance & Loan

I want to know if a shipment is real or a scam

Asked: Aug 3, 2015 by   johana castillo
Read Answers Airlines

vision benefits

Asked: Aug 3, 2015 by   Maria Dia,
I was employed at big lots for seven years paid vision benefits out of my check every week never once seen a eye doctor or used it am I entitle to any of the money back...
Read Answers Vision, Glasses, Lenses

someone is using my friends name

Asked: Aug 1, 2015 by   Tyrell Manuel
someone is using my friends name to harras her how to get the fake profile removed...
Read Answers Bullying and Harassment at Work

shipping issues

Asked: Jul 31, 2015 by   Omer Hatim
Why you don't ship to Sudan every online stores they don't ship to Sudan and you claim that you will ship for every country if i make U.S address and when we make it we discover that you don't ship to there anyway just tell me why your services not available in Sudan...
Read Answers E-Shopping

free shipping

Asked: Jul 28, 2015 by   diparani
why made in China product in free shipping don't have Malaysia country. so how can i do orders...
Read Answers Forex / Currency Trading

Chandigarh University

Asked: Jul 27, 2015 by   Roni Rialms
I want to know, have any problem with Chandigarh University?...
Read Answers Credit Report Websites

Need help

Asked: Jul 25, 2015 by   Maryjane Armoogum
Dear sir i email because i done know what to do the email me with to give me the account number and the password but it is not working i done know what to do i hope that you will be able to help me...
Read Answers Banks

Why Most Players Never Stopped Their Pursuit of RSGOLDAZ

Asked: Jul 25, 2015 by   rsgoldazzyy
Did you buy Runescape product from rsgoldaz.com ? I need runescape gold now but MY guys tell me this site, I never experience the gold service on it! so I want to know whether it's safe or not...
Read Answers Gambling Games

dept program called CDPC

Asked: Jul 23, 2015 by   caroline champagne
l was curious as to whether or not l should go with this program with my dept situation. l was told by some friends that it is a scam and that they tell you that you get 0% interest and can reduce my dept in as much as 18 thousand less then my entire dept but that l have to pay $2,500 up front...
Read Answers Collections Agencies


Asked: Jul 22, 2015 by   shanicerodahumprey
well I just sign up my grand daughter to the modeling of john csanabacas and I was wondering if yu have typed in your phone number and email will this hack you and try to come to your house and stuff like plz let me no becuz im so scared I put my phone number down there and I don want my family...
Read Answers Collections Agencies

ebay and shipping

Asked: Jul 18, 2015 by   Joyce
I just bought an item on ebay that weighs about 1 pound and the seller is charging me $35 for mailing it. What can I do?...
Read Answers Ebay Scams

compalint regarding mahindra rodeo and its dealers

Asked: Jul 14, 2015 by   dharampal malik
myahindra rodeo , feb 2010 model isnot working properly since a year, there was problem regading its self start which not works at its first or second attempt or sometimes even worse, its rpm is not as per it needs to be, its silencer makes worse noise, it stops anywhere when in slow mode even...
Read Answers Motorcycles & Scooters

award from virgin media

Asked: Jul 14, 2015 by   Anotida
I received a message from Virgin Media stating that they have offered me an award of 1million US dollars and was in their Escrow account in Barclays Bank and the operations manager sent an email to confirm the award and they are now requesting for a fund release order document which requires...
Read Answers Telecommunications

Email address

Asked: Jul 11, 2015 by   RumorHasIt
I need to change my complaints board email address. Why can't I change it?...
Read Answers Telecommunications

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