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Asked: Jul 11, 2017 by   baki
Can you remove homeland series because the greatness of Satan and that series frigtened and terrified my little bro please remove that series as soon as possible....
Read Answers Utility Services

G-Star RAW 3D Jeans

Asked: Jul 10, 2017 by   G star
Hello, I have bought and paid you a Jaens hose G-Star 3D RAW. Got the pants but this is not the right hose. Which I have ordered, I have sent them the pants back 2 weeks ago and have not heard from you, please send me the right trousers or my money back. Friendly greetings Guerriero Enzo...
Read Answers Clothing, Shoes & Acc

how can i contact wish? the website is really bad and error!

Asked: Jul 10, 2017 by   bellarobert
we have order newborn baby blanket and should be proceed on jun/15/2017-jun/17/2017. but untill now we not receive any email from wish either its late or problem with shipping. i really dont know which offcial email you are using now.please contact me back with this email bellacharlotte17@gmail.com....
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Asked: Jul 5, 2017 by   Pieter Schuurman
Dear Sir, I don't have a complaint as such. I invested $100 in 2013 but could go no further as my now ex-wife was against me doing forex at all. We got divorced in 2015 and I moved away. As I cannot afford to invest or do any trading at this stage, I would like to withdraw my money which...
Read Answers Business & Finances

Debit card

Asked: Jul 4, 2017 by   Michael Schneider
How do I cancel this subscription, please help. Thank you Michael...
Read Answers Credit Cards

Item not yet delivered

Asked: Jul 3, 2017 by   camille12790
I waited yesterday for my item because it showed in your site that it will deliver any time of July 3. Then when I check it again today this message written there "We tried to deliver your shipment but recipient's address cannot be located. Please get in touch with us through our official...
Read Answers E-Shopping

Have not been receiving magazines or emails.

Asked: Jul 2, 2017 by   creingold
I am a lifetime member 30259321. My email address has recently changed to careingold@comcast.net. PLease update my account and advise why I have not been receiving the magazines nor any other communications. My old email address is creingold@earthlink.net. This will be closed at the end...
Read Answers Magazines & Newspapers

How to delete my complaint on this page

Asked: Jun 30, 2017 by   Britt0927
My complaint I posted has the wrong phone number on it and I want to edit it or delete it and rewrite it. How can I edit my actual complaint or delete it...
Read Answers Clothing, Shoes & Acc

I just failed an complaint about my motel 6 stay in Pittsburgh ca

Asked: Jun 30, 2017 by   Ms stroud
I left out that they charge me 90'something dollars when I check in earlier June 30th(morning)& by noon June 30th(same day)I was charge 80'something dollars...
Read Answers Hotels

BACK CARE 800 TILAM QUEEN SPRING when can deliver?

Asked: Jun 30, 2017 by   kploh
I bought "BACK CARE 800 TILAM QUEEN SPRING" on 18 Jun 2017 at AEON BUKIT MERTAJAM branch. Until right now, I still unable receive the good which taken almost 2 weeks. Every day, I was kept on chasing when can I get the good? The branch seller was answer me, he can’t get the status...
Read Answers Mattresses

i recive this letter

Asked: Jun 29, 2017 by   balochi
i receive this letter by e-mail at i do Mr Donadi Gooodluck <mrdongood@yahoo.com> Jun 26 at 1:22 AM Message body ATTENTION BENEFICIARY: Your Compensation Payment From United Nation Compensation unit, Your Over-due payment of $1.200.000, From United Nation Compensation unit is deposited...
Read Answers Credit Cards

Without a proper ID of complainer or advertising on this sitehow

Asked: Jun 27, 2017 by   Modus operandi of frauds
Hfs add on your site but his address is wrong he is not having any office in Aweer market his license had not renewed due to his cheating and complaints by victims.you will be liable to shelter cheats even getting maximum complaints agaist him you can not analyse here is rules are differant...
Read Answers Scam & Fake Checks

Exhaust pipes

Asked: Jun 22, 2017 by   Jesse shamburg
With the exhaust pipes you guys have on your app so you have to drill holes into the actual exhaust to install???...
Read Answers Cars, Parts & Vehicles

tiema Beiebn truck parts

Asked: Jun 21, 2017 by   
I want to know un where i can find the spare parts for my beiben truck V3et. http://www.ymecn.com...
Read Answers Cars, Parts & Vehicles

My bank account

Asked: Jun 18, 2017 by   Babykaky12345
I have money on my account now card and I went to draw my money off of it at the ATM and it didn't give it to me and so I went online to my account to see what's going on and it says account restricted and so what does this mean...
Read Answers Banks

mower deck

Asked: Jun 12, 2017 by   Dave1455
I have a husqvarna yth22v46 lawnmower. I bent the deck on a stump. iwould like to replace it but i can't a replacement for this model ????...
Read Answers Home & Garden


Asked: Jun 10, 2017 by   Demondog
How do I stopped this in the future, and how do I get my money back from them ?...
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Asked: Jun 10, 2017 by   Salma barakat
I am in the uk and would like to order 6 items . I am uk size 14/16 . What size should I order....
Read Answers Other

Rapid Fulfillment Inc

Asked: Jun 9, 2017 by   A.B Wambolt
How do I get this scam of a business to stop charging my acct for something I did not give permission for them to do! Rapid Fulfillment Inc keeps sending me the product Neuroxr which I pd the sample fee of 4.95 cents...There was nothing any where on the page that said it was an ongoing billing...
Read Answers Scam & Fake Checks

Cashgate Scandal Malawi name change request not responded yet?

Asked: Jun 8, 2017 by   
requesting you to kindly change the details of my bank account including my new name and new address....
Read Answers Banks

Bought subscription but it won't let me use it

Asked: Jun 7, 2017 by   Theeedippyyyy
how do I contact Omegle customer services… Whether you through email or something… Someone please help me I just paid for a subscription… WHEn its saying turn on and when I click turn on it brings it back to the main page ...it won't let me access any video cameras or anything…...
Read Answers Sexual Abuse


Asked: Jun 6, 2017 by   Dweezil72
Has anybody dealt with this guy? I see a lot of craigslist ads for this store.I did send them money for a t.v. but have not seen it and they will not return emails.Order was placed a week ago and on website says delivery in 2 to 3 days.Yeah I know I was a fool to do it but was trying to afford...
Read Answers Consumer Electronics

Call History

Asked: Jun 5, 2017 by   DK19
I need my last 6 month call history...
Read Answers Citizenship and Immigration Services

Order confirmation number

Asked: Jun 4, 2017 by   Mike171
I ordered 4 Dr. Seuss for $1.00 FreeShiping.com an in order to get my $10.00 rebate I need the order confirmation number! How do I retrieve this number! ? Purchase was madeJune 4,2017 at 8:23pm! My email address is mconlin17@ yahoo.com! Hope someone can help!? Thanx Mike Conlin...
Read Answers Books


Asked: Jun 1, 2017 by   Nicola.frisone@tiscali.it
Ho aquistato da voi un capo di abbigliamento (un giubbotto ) il 16 dicembre per 103.53 euro con carta di credito master card dopo aver visto una promozione su Facebook a tutt'oggi non mi è ancora arrivato volevo sapere come mai. La mia mail è nicola.frisone@tiscali.it. grazie e saluti....
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