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To upgrade version of infinity zero2

Asked: Jun 11, 2016 by   Amjad ghouri
Sir,i have infinix zero2 smart phone,i want to upgrade it's version to lollipop 5.0,how I can upgrade it's version?...
Read Answers Mobile & Cell Phones

Advertised positions

Asked: Jun 9, 2016 by   Braampie
Please tell me why you keep on sending me a mail saying you need more info but your link doesn't work?...
Read Answers Scam & Fake Checks

Kat Loterzo

Asked: May 10, 2016 by   Bobbs
Have you heard of Kat loterzo from Australia. She's a Physical Fitness coach turned life/wealth coach. I also fear she's a hustler pumping people up and taking money for it....
Read Answers Work at Home

Handyman Club of America

Asked: May 6, 2016 by   dlww
I purchased a Lifetime Membership yrs ago, still have the tools I purchased. Only got one item sent in all these yrs to review, stopped getting the magazine....contacted them and was told the got my magazines returned for wrong address, now I live in a small township, had the same mail lady...
Read Answers Magazines & Newspapers

Bob Diamond 4500 to 9000 buying and selling real estate notes

Asked: May 5, 2016 by   kloll
Has anyone out there heard anything of this program?? Is it legit or a scam?? It is a referral program on buying and selling of residential and commercial owner finance notes...
Read Answers Real Estate

taylor gifts

Asked: May 5, 2016 by   joejoetop
taylor gifts never sent my order. ive tried calling 2 different numbers same thing is there a way to get ahold of them? Isnt what they do against the law...
Read Answers Business & Finances


Asked: Apr 27, 2016 by   Simple Logic
I am trying to put an order for PVC raw material from the following company and would like to know if they are legit !!...
Read Answers Other

Buying 1BhK in N G Regency

Asked: Apr 26, 2016 by   Swapnil87
I am planning to buy 1bhk in N G Regency, but I am unaware about this locality Kolshet, about water supply , power supply, connectivity. Can anyone, who is residing in this N G Regency Kolshet provide your honest feedback? Thanks Swapnil...
Read Answers Apartments Rental

Real Estate Professional

Asked: Apr 19, 2016 by   ElizabethAWilson
I was given User name of ElizabethAWilson and password of Maggie$1 I try to log in to make an offer of a home and I keep getting refused. What can I do....
Read Answers Real Estate

rechargeable handheld vaccum

Asked: Apr 15, 2016 by   carolice
Should the rechargeable handheld vacuum be charge before the first use...
Read Answers Vacuum Cleaners

Free play

Asked: Apr 2, 2016 by   Debra Lee Crawford
Sometimes I will get 2 hours of free play but I always seem to get it when I'm tired and I've been playing for a long time. Is there a way to save that free play hours so that you can play it later when you log back on? It would be nice if I could use that free play time anytime I...
Read Answers Other

Where did my complaint go?

Asked: Mar 20, 2016 by   Erin C.
I made a complaint about the Yakima WA campus of Charter College and I don't see it listed....
Read Answers Colleges and Universities

money sent to china

Asked: Mar 8, 2016 by   john sigoria shauri
I John Sigoria Shauri, sent USD 450.0 to Jie Wei in China vide MTCN: 941-523-2179 on 04/03/2016, the money BEING full payment of goods, but since I sent that money, the receiver has not communicated despite sending emails repeatedly.............i am beginning to be suspicious, this transaction...
Read Answers Bad Business Partners

Check declined

Asked: Mar 8, 2016 by   Lucas P
All the clerk said was my check was locking up his system. Didn't give me a number to call or anything. But stared me down like I robbed them blind until I left. How do I find out what the problem is?...
Read Answers Food


Asked: Mar 7, 2016 by   Amina Ahmetasevic
If I have to send payment for some fees or percuas for IMF Benin before receiving money from the compensation fund? I have been scammed before and I am afraid that this is new scam, in spite of the fact that the person with whom I am in contact wrote that he is ddirektor of Western Union and...
Read Answers Scam & Fake Checks

self service tills

Asked: Mar 1, 2016 by   Peter Horney
I would like to know why the Brighton Marina store had no normal checkout's but had 7 staff helping put trolley's full of shopping through the small item self service tills . With all those staff there it would have been better and quicker to have had at least 2 normal tills open....
Read Answers Food

How to rebook a flight which is through travel agency?

Asked: Feb 21, 2016 by   jhobz04
My mother booked a scheduled flight last January 08, 2016, bu unfortunately due to immigration compliance she was not able to use that airline ticket issued by a travel agency namely Global Services Travel and Tour located here in Olongapo. And since at that time we already notify the agent...
Read Answers Books

anyone knows documentscenter.com ??

Asked: Feb 19, 2016 by   Zac12
i've been checking the site and the Youtube channel which belongs to it .. seems to me they are genuine .. any advise ?...
Read Answers Scam & Fake Checks


Asked: Feb 8, 2016 by   karanjajulie
how long does it take a parcel to arrive in Kenya if it has been sent from Europe...
Read Answers Collections Agencies

about illegal foreign worker

Asked: Feb 6, 2016 by   about legalization of illegal foreignwrk
sir recently i got some news about legalization of illegal foreign workers. But i confused about that because every people don't give me same news. everyone are different. so if possible let me know is it true or not. if true when start and what the sytem. please give me answer. thank u..........
Read Answers Government & Police

what i will do

Asked: Feb 4, 2016 by   abeta123
good day....isa po akong plan holder ng loyola edu plan,naka avail na po kami ng payments for 4years pero 2years na po na wala na po kaming natatangap na payments. hinihintay po namin ang agarang aksyon hinggil dito.maraming salamat po......
Read Answers Education

what am i suppose to do?

Asked: Jan 26, 2016 by   Jack Howl
I got this messege ,is this real? what am i suppose to do? We are pleased to announce to you as one of the lucky winners in the 2016 freelancer LOTTERY. This is not power ball but we are determined to support freelancer members around the world. All winning addresses were randomly selected...
Read Answers Job & Career

courier service

Asked: Jan 17, 2016 by   hughesharvey
Read Answers Online Scams

File a lawsuit against a travel agent or complain through consumer court

Asked: Jan 17, 2016 by   Puravoor2000
Recently a travel agent cheated me with a false itinerary and want to take action against that company and trying reimburse money. I have all legal rights t go against them. Please let me know how to go after them so that they don't do this kind of unethical behavior to anybody else and...
Read Answers Travel Agencies


Asked: Jan 16, 2016 by   in-heat
How does a person attempt to answer questions to help owners of St Croix pellet stoves?...
Read Answers Appliances

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