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Asked: Oct 10, 2015 by   mmaddox
Anyone know who ICA is insured with? I was told they have a risk management team, but that all they would offer up. Also anyone know of a class action suit against ICA? or a lawyer/firm that represents tenants?...
Read Answers Apartments Rental

Complaint Filed on Wrong Account - How do we remove?

Asked: Oct 7, 2015 by   David Musselmann
My company recently received a complaint, but clearly was referencing a different company / employee. Our company name is a bit ambiguous and is occassionally mistaken for other companies with a similar name. Since we are higher on the Google search list, they call us first. I tried to contact...
Read Answers Unsolicited Phone Calls

linking two decoders

Asked: Oct 3, 2015 by   onyapidi paul
i am writing to inform you to link primary decoder 1017523606(explora) to secondary decoder 41050524440. 1017523606 onyapidi paul 41050524440 ester bangibasa 0772999197 nyapidipaul@yahoo.com cash paid 377,000/= paul onyapidi malaba...
Read Answers Other

First data and northern sevices leasing

Asked: Sep 29, 2015 by   the attic at the white house
Want to know if these 2 are partnership together...
Read Answers Credit Cards

Anti -Aging loton

Asked: Sep 27, 2015 by   Leon Funamb
Where can I get...which shops can I get the tru visage cream in Zimbabwe...
Read Answers Cosmetics

waterline responsibility

Asked: Sep 22, 2015 by   Waterline
is it true or is this city trying to get out of their responsibility? The valve at the curb site is rusted opened and they are saying that this is our repair not theirs So we not only have the repairs inside now we are expected to pay for the outside our gates. what is their responsibility....
Read Answers Other

B.H. 8ch blitzrcworks super f-16 70mm ex.v2 edf jet front landing gear trouble

Asked: Sep 21, 2015 by   joe melville
does anyone know if they fixed the front landing gear on the 70mm super f-16 from blitzrcworks ex,v2 edf jet yet, i would like to get one but the reviews arn't real good. they all talked about the front landing gear strut breaking easly on landings. any help would be great on this jet thanks...
Read Answers Repair Services

purchasing a car

Asked: Sep 16, 2015 by   Zelo
ON the invoice of the purchase price of a new Suburu Outback, is a charge called DOC document storage for 7 years and the fee is $498.00 dollars. Told this is CT. state law and charge cannot be removed. Is this a true charge??...
Read Answers Car Dealers

where in Zimbabwe can i get TruVisage and PurEssence

Asked: Sep 15, 2015 by   Hooyannie
I would like the products mentioned above but where exactly in Zimbabwe can I get them. are there any shops selling these products in Zimbabwe....
Read Answers Retail Stores

number lock indicator

Asked: Sep 9, 2015 by   Gerald Wasielewski
I have a new HP Envy M7-N101DX Notebook. All of our prior laptops had a light to indicate the number lock was on. We even searched the screen to see if anything was noted. It can be frustrating when doing a lot of typing. We did note that if we hit the num lock at the time we turn on the unit...
Read Answers Desktop Computers

How do I delete my account and start over

Asked: Sep 6, 2015 by   Pamela Moretti
Filled out the information incorrectly...
Read Answers Telecommunications

Small Business Success, Inc.

Asked: Sep 6, 2015 by   ggiorno
Is Small Business Success, Inc. in Tampa Florida part of the Tax Club. Have they had complaints against them?...
Read Answers Business & Finances

material not dispatched - 163487

Asked: Sep 6, 2015 by   SPMahajan
i was booked two boxes of weight 45 kg on 8/7/2015. still it's not reached to destination. no status shown on online inquiry. when contacted to office, no response...
Read Answers Collections Agencies

How to contact Complaintsboard.com management to remove offensive and defamatory response to complaint

Asked: Sep 2, 2015 by   User79
Hello, A business proprietor has responded to a complaint by defaming and slandering me. I believe this is a violation of site policies. I wish to have the defamatory and slanderous removed but there appears to be no way to telephone or email the site management. If someone would message...
Read Answers Internet Services

Santander Consumer

Asked: Aug 26, 2015 by   Mark Hollie
Has anyone found a firm or attorney willing to take on Santander Consumer??...
Read Answers Auto Insurance & Loan

RV fridge cooling unit

Asked: Aug 25, 2015 by   Myra Vernon
Does anyone know about, RV Fridge House in Plumerville, Ar.? Owner is Jerry Collins. I want to order but I am skeptle . Help me find out if this co. is leget....
Read Answers Appliances

paul birdsall and my flex job

Asked: Aug 25, 2015 by   Philip J. Bell
how do i get contact information for paul birdsall so i can file a civil suit against him?...
Read Answers Scam & Fake Checks

Auckland Lawyer's name

Asked: Aug 24, 2015 by   ribbish
About 2 days ago an Auckland lawyers name and address who sued the Commissioner of Police was above Sharvin Lodge complaint. Can you supply please? yours faithfully, Terence Crisp....
Read Answers Lawyers and Attorneys

Emergency Room Visit on July 26,2015

Asked: Aug 21, 2015 by   Melissa Woodrich
my name is Melissa Woodrich I was at Florida hospital in Ormond Beach fl on July 26,2015 I sprained my ankle back in March of 2015 it was still bothering me wanted to have it checked out also was having issues with my left knee was gonna have it looked at as well My question is why did I get...
Read Answers Unauthorized Charges

Official notification

Asked: Aug 17, 2015 by   Laura123456789
Please advise I received an official notification I won 2 rings and a Walmart gift card total value $125. I'm disabled would like to b true I get a visa $25 gift card they want $3.99 each item shipped I called the 18006303839 they answered asked my ring size claim number 01730183 should...
Read Answers Scam Contests

how can edit my complaint?

Asked: Aug 12, 2015 by   dtarolla
I messed up on some of the details on my complaint. How can i fix it?...
Read Answers Building, Construction

complaint regarding the message failure

Asked: Aug 8, 2015 by   divya_srivastava
sir , since few months i am not receiving any messages on this number(9950157556).it is creating a havoc.there is no network problem. please fix this problem within two days....
Read Answers Mobile/Cellular Service Providers

Edit a post

Asked: Aug 5, 2015 by   Carol Nadolny
I want to edit a post. My complaint is against Dr. Robert Guida. I was spell checked....
Read Answers Plastic Surgery

Child support conflict

Asked: Aug 4, 2015 by   photoman2
This person divorce her husband , now he is dating a person that work for the child support office in Florida , so she claim child support the detail of the case got to her ex before the office send him a letter. She got into the system and she moving everything in favor of his new boyfriend...
Read Answers Family & Relationships

Proof of Purchase Enq

Asked: Aug 4, 2015 by   Lalucy
Morning, I have a pending claim that includes a radio as they broke into my car, I got the radio in 2013 and the insurance or the person I spoke with is insisting on a proof of purchase. I have submitted the quotation but its not being considered because they are seeking proof pf purchase. How...
Read Answers Auto Insurance & Loan

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