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Maruti A-Star delivery delay

Asked: Jan 26, 2009 by   Sandeep Gupta
I have recently made full payment for my maruti a-star LXI (metallic) . But the dealer not able to tell me when they can deliver my car. Now is there anyway that I can directly come to know about the status of the car delivery from the manufacturer ?...
Read Answers Car Dealers

Unauthorized debit from my checking account

Asked: Jan 26, 2009 by   D. Reese
IDONLOCK.COM has debited my checking acct. the Dec. '08 . I called them to find out who and what they are/do - I then explained I'd never heard of them and : 1) wanted them to cancel : 2) refund my money - I was told it was cancelled , but on the next month it was debited again...
Read Answers Unauthorized Charges

problems with 03 Kia Sorento

Asked: Jan 26, 2009 by   cban4
I was wondering if anyone else has had as many problems with their Kia as I have had the last 3 years ...I have replaced the rotors and breaks atleaste 4 times or more since I have had this vehicle..as soon as you put the new pair on they go bad! I have also had a problem with it acting like...
Read Answers Cars, Parts & Vehicles

who to compain to against bad condition on willow park appartment complex ,altamonte springs Florida

Asked: Jan 25, 2009 by   diana68
we have many issues in willow park appartment complex like: Windows do not open/missing locks no hot water for weeks leaking sinks old nasty toilets electrical wires exposed and I can go on and on we have compaind many times to the management ,but nothing is been done which goverment...
Read Answers Apartments Rental

collection calls for wrong person

Asked: Jan 25, 2009 by   ellyn goldberg
Since 2004, when I got my current home phone number, I have been receiving collection calls for 2 people who I do not know. When I do get a live person on the phone, I tell them this and ask them to take my number off their list. However, I continue to get these calls. What can I do to stop...
Read Answers Collections Agencies

keeping the gas connection in abheyance

Asked: Jan 25, 2009 by   Ravinder Bhan
I am a regular Indane gas subscriber for last ten years living in West Delhi. Our RWA has now arranged for the pipe gas system from Inderprastha. Now the problem has arisen for us to switch over to the new system as we may have to discontinue the Indane gas. I have come to know that in case...
Read Answers Products & Services

Fraudulent sales of DVD's

Asked: Jan 24, 2009 by   Shawn
I purchased DVD's from a company and they are all defective. I have tried to contact the company by the only means I have. I have sent them several e-mails and no response. I suspect the DVD's are fraudulent and that is why I do not get a response. What can I do to get my money...
Read Answers Entertainment


Asked: Jan 24, 2009 by   Lisa Diggs
Instead of paying for my order by check can i change the payment method and pay by credit card...
Read Answers Computers & Accessories

Open An Account in City Bank - London

Asked: Jan 23, 2009 by   Gothami Ranasinghe
I got a mail from following address BRITISH NATIONAL LOTTERY HEADQUARTERS: 28 TAN FIELD ROAD, CROYDON, LONDON, UNITED-KINGDOM. 23-01-2009 Tel: +447024073350 And called I have won a lottery and they need to transfer my winnings to my personal account. They...
Read Answers Banks

Mastercard statement charge

Asked: Jan 23, 2009 by   Terry L. Beckley
My monthly statement always has a charge for INTELIUS SUBSCRIPTION. What is this charge for? I never signed up for this or is a charge that is automatic thru my Mastercard account that I don't have any choice on accepting? What is the charge based on; how is the amount determined. Thank...
Read Answers Savings & Investments

Aciberry & coclotex THANKS OPHRA

Asked: Jan 21, 2009 by   sherri
I was part of this scam and unfortunatly was stupid enough to put my phone number and e-mail in my complaint. Now I have people calling me at all hours of the day and night screaming nasty things at me thinking I am the aciberry company and also e-mailing me wanting their money back etc. How...
Read Answers Diet Products

What to do with creditors if I lose my job?

Asked: Jan 21, 2009 by   Harry
Many people lost their jobs recently... All they think about is how to make ends meet. What can I do if I can't pay my bills?...
Read Answers Business & Finances

What to take into consideration when buying a used car?

Asked: Jan 21, 2009 by   Debbie Collins
My teenage son is really eager to have a car for his birthday. We think of buying a used car for him... Could you give a hint on how to do it the best way?...
Read Answers Cars, Parts & Vehicles

How to protect kids' privacy online?

Asked: Jan 21, 2009 by   Kelly
I read a lot about kids' identity theft so I wonder what parents must do to protect their kids' privacy online?...
Read Answers Kids & Baby

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