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False Complaint

Asked: May 18, 2015 by   Twila Coverdale Batie
How do I contact someone with Complaints Board? We have a disgruntled ex employee who filed a false complaint in order to try to sabotage our business. Their complaint is full of lies and wrong information. How do I get this removed. I have tried to find a phone number to contact complaints...
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Deceptive Employment Practices

Asked: May 16, 2015 by   Joseph Glover
My stepson's girlfriend went to work for a cell phone store, and they have not yet paid her . She has been trying to collect her wages for the hours she worked plus commissions she was to receive for the items she sold. This is in Houston Texas, Who can she go through to collect her wages?...
Read Answers Arts & Humanities

Financial Aid

Asked: May 13, 2015 by   ToniaB3
My financial aid had to go thru the verification process and my financial aid advisor has been keeping me updated and she said it was processes on 5/12/15 and she said give it approximately 30 days and I started my classes 4/5/15 so my question is does it take the full 30 days before I receive...
Read Answers Colleges and Universities

travel groups

Asked: May 13, 2015 by   sleeha
Has anyone had experience with Single Travel Escapes or Ultitude Travel? The trips sound intriguing but the only info I can get is off their own Web page....
Read Answers Travel Agencies

annual fee

Asked: May 12, 2015 by   Krissey
I just enrolled membership last january in Fitness 19, now it's May they deducted annual fee to my account can I waive this annual fee, because annual should take a year but I haven't a member that for long?...
Read Answers Fitness Centers

Immigration Problem

Asked: May 10, 2015 by   Bapi_09
Recently, I got a mole removed from my face but my passport photo shows my older photo with the mole. Now I have a scar in place of the mole. Will there be any problem due to this at airport check in specifically from the immigration officer. I am travelling to singapore next month....
Read Answers Airlines

Credit Scam

Asked: May 10, 2015 by   Jean Bapt
I posted a complaint yesterday and I have not seen it yet....
Read Answers Scam & Fake Checks

I think ups is trying to keep my package, what type of lawyer can deal with this ?

Asked: May 6, 2015 by   Enough is Enough Now
I recently sent a package of personal effects from Canada to the United States. Customs would not allow the package in it was sent to a part of the border authorities called the North American Border Group . When asked why no reasons were given , it was held for a week and sent back. now it...
Read Answers Law & Civil Rights

Traffic Violation

Asked: May 1, 2015 by   Hitchiker
Is it fair or i violated an offense. I park my motorcycle infront of wise supermarket located at gabbys near Market Place Mandaluyong City,right then and a while inside the supermarket i heard a shout that a motorcycle has been carried and put over there service truck. Is there action is right?...
Read Answers Towing

IPIN outdated

Asked: Apr 27, 2015 by   Naseemshaikh
Sir , I can't used my net banking service more than 3 years. please suggest me that how I use my net banking . my Email- Naseem.shaikh52@yahoo.com...
Read Answers Banks

Air liner not paying debt in millions

Asked: Apr 21, 2015 by   CAMDEUS
Can i lodge a complain on an air liner which is owing close to 70 million to our client. Yes we are the recovery company who is appointed to recover the debt from this air line company . My question is 1)can i complain to the air country 2) will the goverment help us to at least get them...
Read Answers Airlines

TV Turning On and Off Constantly

Asked: Apr 17, 2015 by   Jyna Jean-Fran├žois Jeter
what can you do when your TV is turning on and off non stop Serial No: BZ3A0629663414 Model ID: 32MF231D/37...
Read Answers TV, Music & Video

Has anyone had any experience with "Strawberry Laser" for removal of fat?

Asked: Apr 16, 2015 by   c rider
I saw this on The Doctors and Rachel Ray show. Does anyone have any information or personal experience with this; does it really work?...
Read Answers Weight Loss Products and Programs

Regarding Market Traders Institute (MTI) credibility

Asked: Apr 16, 2015 by   PeterSiau
Hi, may I get any proof to show that MTI is fraudulent if any?...
Read Answers Scam & Fake Checks

Airport Service Fees.

Asked: Apr 13, 2015 by   Turninguptheheat1
I am still confused, I have sent my friend air fair to come home to LA. They would not let her get on the flight. I thought all that was included in the ticket price The airlines said they only charge one fee. I have gotten mixed answers. Some say it's true some say it's not. Is that...
Read Answers Airlines


Asked: Apr 13, 2015 by   GreenTina
I bought wigs from Wgsway, and i am satisfied, but why i often see some complaints on he website, it really very bad?...
Read Answers Products & Services

Non Us Credit Card Use

Asked: Apr 13, 2015 by   Darlenehuttmann
Having been tricked by Wigsbuy.com, I feel afraid to do shopping outside the U.S. Am I overreacting ? What is the ratio of trustworthy to Scam in Online Shopping?...
Read Answers Retail Stores

winning samething

Asked: Apr 7, 2015 by   ntombikayise yase
I was called by someone working at Joshua door saying I was a winner of a tablet notebook.she asked me if I had a account at Joshua I said no when she was talking to me in my father cellphone it was Thursday last week and said I must came today to collect my gift couse I won I been chosen when...
Read Answers Laptops / Notebooks

getting paid

Asked: Apr 5, 2015 by   EKPOKIMI
who knows how to get paid in payripo.com...please tell me?...
Read Answers Business & Finances

Winning numbers

Asked: Apr 5, 2015 by   Ray Karr
Hello! Will you please tell me how to find the winning numbers including those for the past week - 29 March 2015 to 04 April 2015 - ? I've enjoyed playing your games very much and, although I don't really expect to win anything, I'll keep playing if only to have this free outlet....
Read Answers Gambling Games

Reply to Complaint

Asked: Apr 3, 2015 by   Connie Roberts
Why doesn't the reply to a complaint display following the complaint where it can be read by all? C Roberts...
Read Answers Cat Breeders

give last 4 digits plus day and month of birth to staffing company over the phone

Asked: Mar 31, 2015 by   Mike A. T.
It happened not just once but more than once. Someone from a staffing company [on their website is no face, no name to be found] calls me and wants my resume to turn in to HP, Apple ect for a vacant position and the staffing guy says: HP [in this current case] requires them to type in my last...
Read Answers Employment, Staffing, Recruiting Agencies

Cancel Compliant

Asked: Mar 30, 2015 by   LJ T
How Do I cancel a compliant ?...
Read Answers Tax Services

Edit my comment

Asked: Mar 30, 2015 by   Kevin Dirplan
How do I edit a comment I made?...
Read Answers Building, Construction

Help collecting on a refund from Japan

Asked: Mar 27, 2015 by   Richard S. Walsh
Can anyone in the forum please tell me any methods for collecting on a debt owed by a Japanese Company who offered to refund money on an item purchased, but after being returned has kept the item and all the money paid. I know in the U.S. we have a few ways to pursue this. We have the Better...
Read Answers E-Shopping

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