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Asked: 27th of Nov, 2015 by   Momma-Sita
Where on the NoNo's Hair does it tells you about maintenance or care for the item. All I see is information on different uses for this product. Eg. Acne, Beauty etc. I have a question regarding the item itself. I do not need any beauty tips. The link FAQ does not give you the opportunity...
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No return label sent to me by mail or e-mail

Asked: 26th of Nov, 2015 by   Mom4-6alltogether
Walker Shoes purchased in July. R shoe losing 2 of the grips on the bottom. After calling in numerous times over the past 2 wks. was told I would receive a return label to place on box & take package to U.P. S. & return & exchange said shoes. To date Nov-26th I HAVE NOT received...
Read Answers Clothing, Shoes & Acc

Double Cyclinder booking - just waste of money - No benefits different from that of Single Cyclinder

Asked: 24th of Nov, 2015 by   latha arun
Double Cyclinder booking - just waste of money - No benefits different from that of Single Cyclinder as per Kalpana agency - vijaynagar...
Read Answers Credit Cards

didn't receive a book

Asked: 23rd of Nov, 2015 by   Natalia Ryabova
Dear colleagues! I have ordered the book (my order confirmation number is 977808) on 9 Semptember. But I don't have any information about my order. Please let me know something about it. Best regards, Ryabova Natalia nryabova@yandex.ru...
Read Answers Books

debit card payment

Asked: 21st of Nov, 2015 by   mircea veres
i have two payments that shows EPGBILL.COM on the bank statement, but I don't have any knowledge of such payments. Please investigate and let me know....
Read Answers Credit Cards

je besoins de l éclaircissements

Asked: 13th of Nov, 2015 by   don mabiala
Je vien de recevoir vôtres message que je gagné une voiture "Mercedes Classe S modèle 2015 d'une valeur de 70 000 euros OU bien le montant équivalent en cache fournie par votre comptable. Ceci grâce a mon numéro de téléphone qui a été choisi par la loterie organisée...
Read Answers Window & Door Installation

Demande de confirmation

Asked: 13th of Nov, 2015 by   andy mulenda
Slt, j'ai reçu un message sur watshapp de votre entreprise me disant que j'ai gagné un Mercedes s 2015 par et de contacter c numéro 00247838201 ou 00212692298601, voudrai-je savoir si ceci vient vraiment de vous, et c'est rédigé par un Monsieur au nom de paul mon email est...
Read Answers Business & Finances

how to fix cigarette machine

Asked: 12th of Nov, 2015 by   nicole...
I hv a gambler cigarette machine and i neef to know how to clean it...
Read Answers Tobacco Products

how can I cancel and take my money back from quickfilmz.com?

Asked: 7th of Nov, 2015 by   lynette demaisip
I tried to download a movie from this site but failed. 2 successive months already 45 US $ has been deducted to my credit account which I never authorized....
Read Answers Credit Cards

How to writing the journals

Asked: 7th of Nov, 2015 by   onlinejournals
The journal writing (http://aimsely.com/) is making the students writing skill and learning more things about the journals....
Read Answers Colleges and Universities

how can i remove my complaint

Asked: 5th of Nov, 2015 by   Jenna786
how can i removed my complaints on page ?...
Read Answers Bad Business Partners


Asked: 29th of Oct, 2015 by   hak55
what are the internet settings step for www.operamini.com/help?version=4.5 ?...
Read Answers Mobile/Cellular Service Providers

Reaper Chaplet Changes created and why In Runescape

Asked: 29th of Oct, 2015 by   winniejie
Reaper Chaplet Changes created and why In RunescapePrevious condition Stats - +30 backbone benefit in all action styles and +3 prayer. Effect - If cutting this chaplet anniversary analytical hit will admission a stacking reaper addict for <b><a href="http://www.07runescapegolds.com.au"...
Read Answers News & Media

Car rental

Asked: 18th of Oct, 2015 by   susier
What is the independent body in the USA, to which I can make a complaint about a car rental? I have been billed for five times the agreed amount and this bill has been posted twice to my credit card. Is there a government or independent group that deals with this?...
Read Answers Car Rental

YELLOW MONEY transfer tags

Asked: 11th of Oct, 2015 by   J L Shea
I was recently asked by global security company to obtain a united nations yellow tag in order for a diplomat from Ghana, Africa to hand carry a large package of money to the USA for an online friend. Are these tickets real? Do diplomats actually send money this way? how can I check the validity...
Read Answers Scam & Fake Checks


Asked: 10th of Oct, 2015 by   mmaddox
Anyone know who ICA is insured with? I was told they have a risk management team, but that all they would offer up. Also anyone know of a class action suit against ICA? or a lawyer/firm that represents tenants?...
Read Answers Apartments Rental

Complaint Filed on Wrong Account - How do we remove?

Asked: 7th of Oct, 2015 by   David Musselmann
My company recently received a complaint, but clearly was referencing a different company / employee. Our company name is a bit ambiguous and is occassionally mistaken for other companies with a similar name. Since we are higher on the Google search list, they call us first. I tried to contact...
Read Answers Unsolicited Phone Calls

linking two decoders

Asked: 3rd of Oct, 2015 by   onyapidi paul
i am writing to inform you to link primary decoder 1017523606(explora) to secondary decoder 41050524440. 1017523606 onyapidi paul 41050524440 ester bangibasa 0772999197 nyapidipaul@yahoo.com cash paid 377,000/= paul onyapidi malaba...
Read Answers Other

Ocwen. Victim in Washington

Asked: 30th of Sep, 2015 by   Sylvia Booth
Is there a gov. Agency that will confront a mortgage co. Making threats to foreclose on my home Illegally? Or do I have to pay for an attorney ? Very little time to respond ! Really no time ! Need just enough help to stop foreclosure ,in 7days. Attorney general.? Anyone? Time is of the essence!...
Read Answers Banks

First data and northern sevices leasing

Asked: 29th of Sep, 2015 by   the attic at the white house
Want to know if these 2 are partnership together...
Read Answers Credit Cards

Anti -Aging loton

Asked: 27th of Sep, 2015 by   Leon Funamb
Where can I get...which shops can I get the tru visage cream in Zimbabwe...
Read Answers Cosmetics

waterline responsibility

Asked: 22nd of Sep, 2015 by   Waterline
is it true or is this city trying to get out of their responsibility? The valve at the curb site is rusted opened and they are saying that this is our repair not theirs So we not only have the repairs inside now we are expected to pay for the outside our gates. what is their responsibility....
Read Answers Other

B.H. 8ch blitzrcworks super f-16 70mm ex.v2 edf jet front landing gear trouble

Asked: 21st of Sep, 2015 by   joe melville
does anyone know if they fixed the front landing gear on the 70mm super f-16 from blitzrcworks ex,v2 edf jet yet, i would like to get one but the reviews arn't real good. they all talked about the front landing gear strut breaking easly on landings. any help would be great on this jet thanks...
Read Answers Repair Services

Fraud- Given me wrong tickets.

Asked: 18th of Sep, 2015 by   Agarwal SA
i had booked 2 tickets from Bangkok to Phuket for Nov 2015 but when i got the ticket it was for the month of September, i had filled some 10 e forms, wrote to the nodal officer followed u p for 15 days still no positive response. is 5 k such a big amount for a brand like Air Asia, is 5 K is...
Read Answers Airlines

purchasing a car

Asked: 16th of Sep, 2015 by   Zelo
ON the invoice of the purchase price of a new Suburu Outback, is a charge called DOC document storage for 7 years and the fee is $498.00 dollars. Told this is CT. state law and charge cannot be removed. Is this a true charge??...
Read Answers Car Dealers

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