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Act inviting my card

Asked: Dec 11, 2017 by   Roy Washington
I was trying to active my card. But they keep repeating an invaild card....
Read Answers Credit Cards

Chinese Shar Pei Puppies

Asked: Dec 8, 2017 by   Currently suspended from using Hoobly.
I have been advertising Shar Pei puppies for the past couple years on Hoobly. About two weeks ago I noticed someone trying to sell other breeds on my site. I’m not sure who they were so I tried deleting their ads. After that went on for a week or two, I was suspended from my own Hoobly...
Read Answers Scam & Fake Checks

status on order never received

Asked: Dec 8, 2017 by   freddie dever
I placed order on 10/3/17 order #42919 however I never received my order. why haven't I received it yet...
Read Answers Other

I want all the products refunded how can I know what the price or order number is not all of them informed

Asked: Dec 7, 2017 by   Nuray Kos
I want all the products refunded so, how can I know what the price or order numbers are of the wigs for example. . We don t receive any invoice any paper work with the items. Why should we take a photo of the product, instead of finding the product picture from the website. Any way I...
Read Answers E-Shopping

Product havent received

Asked: Dec 6, 2017 by   Agneslydia
My product send from 30 nov until now is 7 dec still havent arrive at kuching when i check my trace number. May i know where is my product going? Tracking number is ER073517303MY...
Read Answers Movement & Delivery


Asked: Dec 5, 2017 by   adanys
Hola al excelente equipo de WISH.COM Comprar es divertido:Me preocupa que en los ultimos dias,mi hijo hizo compras por medio de mi cuenta y pagadas con su Tarjeta.El problema es que ahora no encuentro las compras que hice YO en mi cuenta y pagadas con mi tarjeta.Espero pronta respuesta como...
Read Answers Credit Cards

delete a complaint

Asked: Dec 5, 2017 by   cherrygagne@gmail.com
How do you delete a comlaint?...
Read Answers Clothing, Shoes & Acc


Asked: Dec 4, 2017 by   Major Shirley Silva
To whom do I complain about the non receipt of an item oedered from TOM TOP and how?...
Read Answers Entertainment

Elaine batten

Asked: Dec 2, 2017 by   Elaine Batten
I placed a order and has been deducted fromm my ck.acct.,has my order been shipped?...
Read Answers Clothing, Shoes & Acc

Fraud on my accpunt

Asked: Nov 30, 2017 by   Churchill nelson
Girl stole my information off my bank card and used it my bank gave me computer print out not all off these are mine I need to now what they are the product so I can illuminate which ones are mine there will be police report maid tomorrow as she used it other places my phone number is 2069660333...
Read Answers Government & Police

Complaints Board posted my complaint to wrong company - should be Camden Legal Group

Asked: Nov 30, 2017 by   Dorothy759
Complaints Board posted my complaint about Camden Legal Group to the California Law Group,. I doubt the two are related. Jimmy Swinder is listed with the State of California for Camden. He is/was an attorney in California who has been in trouble before with his attorney activities. Sophia...
Read Answers Scam & Fake Checks


Asked: Nov 28, 2017 by   Ir Faisal Hareez
Please assists me in withdrawing my complaint which had being postef. Thankd...
Read Answers Auto Insurance & Loan


Asked: Nov 28, 2017 by   Lien bui
I just bought an item and there are something with the payment. It kept saying the card declined. When I check my bank statement, I found out your charge me 4 times. Is it anyway ya can refund that amount of money back and I still want that item though. Thanks...
Read Answers Banks

Country wide periodicals

Asked: Nov 28, 2017 by   K burns
I have read many posts in regards to this company. Each one of them sounds so familiar. I have been dealing with this mess for over a year and i dont kno how to stop this company from the harassment! They wold not cancel my subscriptions & keep insisting that i owe over $900.00 for magazines...
Read Answers Magazines & Newspapers

complaint about wrong company

Asked: Nov 28, 2017 by   Joe Jenkins
Sherry Knapp from Fountain Colorado posted a complaint against us. Our business works in Fredericksburg Va. This appears to have been posted against the wrong office or company....
Read Answers Other

Cancel Ticket

Asked: Nov 26, 2017 by   Tay Choon Fuh
Dear Malasia airlines team, I would like to canceled my flight from Singapore Airport to Kuching was on 30th of March and Kuching to Singapore was on 1st April .because i have double booking for same trip.1st booking at travel but I never received the confirmation.so i booking on next day...
Read Answers Credit Cards

Sims 4

Asked: Nov 26, 2017 by   Finnin
Why is it that I cannot get in touch with anyone at EA for technical support. Have you stopped giving support for your games? Please let me know so I can stop buying them....
Read Answers Building, Construction

reimage package

Asked: Nov 24, 2017 by   joseph guillory
I put a charge on my Visa, in the amount of $69.95 cents for reimage to diagnosis my computer.i want to cancel this transcation immediately. Reason, cant use it. joseph guillory,waiting for your reply.e-mail address jswampog@suddenlink.net...
Read Answers Credit Cards

About closing my account

Asked: Nov 22, 2017 by   RK@1
I have opened an account last year. I used it for few months then it is inactive. Now I would like to close it. Should I pay any amount to close my account?...
Read Answers Banks

iris lotary min

Asked: Nov 19, 2017 by   othoi
I have no sertifikat...
Read Answers Lottery Scams

Tiddy boy

Asked: Nov 19, 2017 by   Tiddy boy
Bring back steak bowl bring back steak bowl bring back steak bowl bring back steak bowl bring back...
Read Answers Food

need help

Asked: Nov 18, 2017 by   BooBooFreddie17
how do I delete what I posted...
Read Answers Other

New here

Asked: Nov 13, 2017 by   Jessiereynolds4
Do the stores you are filing a complaint about get notification of these complaints?...
Read Answers Other

removing complaints resolved

Asked: Nov 11, 2017 by   Debra Durbin
complaints, even resolved complaints, cause good businesses problems. I am a customer of a superior dog breeder, Ms. Sydnee Dupon. I have raised 6 dogs and this breeder is both extremely caring with her animals, and generous with her clients. As someone who has experienced this process many...
Read Answers Dog Breeders

Greensky Online Home Improvement Loans/Greensky Credit

Asked: Nov 11, 2017 by   Lynette Stevens
How do I go after this company legally for fraudulent and inaccurate accounting on my loan??...
Read Answers Loans

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